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Dober'Toons Salutes the K-9s of the past and the present with our theme, "America's Unsung Heroes". As you know, Dober'Toons is dedicated
to the deeds of these wonderful dogs, and their kin. doG bless them all.
We all hope you join us to say "Thank you" to all the veterans past
and future, who make our precious freedom possible.

1.Dedication Page ~ To the Brave Dobermans of WW2 and other conflicts
(Includes a list of Dober'Toons featuring a Military theme)

Introducing "Marcus!" His Marine Veteran human dad, Mike, sent me these pics of
him and I decided to animate him in place of a drawd cartoon!
So Marcus is now a member of the 'toons cast. His favorite acknowledgment is "Semper Fido", He's a rescue who's found a
loving "forever home". His favorite tv show is about Marine & military stuff Sunday nights on the History Channel...(we can't mention the host's or program name because of copyright, but we can say he's a Marine veteran.)amd of course Marcus' favorite chew toy is his talking Drill Instructor Doll of this same Marine vet!

painting: "America's Unsung Heroes" by C.J.Conner

Click on this beautiful Doberman to go to our memorial page, "America's Unsung Heroes". "Dial ups" be sure and allow for
about 3 minutes loading time, it is a large file, animated. Watch the statue of Kurt come to life and morph into the statue for his guardianship over the Dobes who rest there.

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Artist on background painting, unknown.

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