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Links to Webpages of Dober-Interest!

Any site who lists the “Dober’Toons” link who is not listed here, please let me know if you would like to be listed(Please,no albinos/white unless the albino/white is a rescued titleholder.) Also visit our Award pages, each Award is linked to it's home site!We sincerely thank each and every one of these sites for their support of "Dober'Toons!"

Whitney and Mason's Home on the Web~If you want to see the results in training these intellegent animals, visit Nancy Bousquet's Internet tribute to her fabulous Dobermans. They are not only beautiful, they have a multitude of titles following their names. Many links for we Doberman enthusiasts, including Tracking, Barf diet, Agility, Obedience, Therapy, Health Links, Contacts, Pedigrees, and Photos. I always love a site like this, which features not only the magnificent beauty of the Doberman, but the trainability and intellegence as well; It was awarded our "21 Arfs TV Stars Award!"

Neuter Neuter Land, home of The Neuteress of the Night! Hilarity about a very serious subject. This very witty pro neuter site, calls a spayed a spayed in such a way that we can't help but laugh. Stop by for a grin and support these folks. After all, the fastest way to disarm your enemy is to laugh at it."Friends don't let friends have litters!" We are proud to Toon here, it's a 21 Arf site!

Dog Scouts of America! (Site was recently destroyed by a malicious hacker.)Summer camp for you and your dog(s)! Activities, education,all kinds of training. Visit the website for full details, or phone the friendly folks at 989 389-2000 for full information. Very affordable, a wonderful way to spend a vacation. Been there, done that, it was fabulous.

Okay, it's a Husky, "Chase" and his buddies; a little GSD puppy Marly, and a black Lab named Gabby, but it's a great cartoon site, and Auntie loves cartoons.It's on hold right now, but go sign the guestbook to say "HI" to Quinn and support him, he's taking a year off to serve our Country. The flash animations are fascinating, but the part I really got a hoot from is "Fleaville" where witty fleas live. It will return to being Updated twice a week, Quinn Williams' nicely done cartoons will once again keep you chuckling. He has an email list too If you'd like that! Very well done cartoons, they most certainly will soon be nationally known. Stay safe, Quinn, and return to us. doG bless, Lois

Signs with an Attitude!Ever wonder where you can get Doberman signs like "Doberman Crossing" "We can Make it to the Fence in 3 seconds, can you?" and so on? Here's the place! Brian Florane offers any sign you want, very reasonable prices, excellent quality embossed aluminum! Dog signs, Cat signs, Bird, horse, anything you want!

The wonderful world of Dachshunds & Dobermans!This outstanding site is a treasure on the Internet for the Dobie lover. There is a very moving photo of rainbow Dobies, the pages are very well done. From the "Dachsitude" of Gretchen to the beautiful Kody, an absolutley marvelous memorial page to 9-11-02, and every page on this website is so well done & quick loading. Don't miss it! Your hostess is also the gal who does such a super job with the discussion group "DobeLove". She's one of these folks who makes the www a very nice place in the universe~ We appreciate the wonderfuly 'tooning' with our graphics she has done, Thanks Denise with many warm woofs from the "Dober'Toons!" gang!

Draco~While Draco was not a Doberman, we've listed this very touching tribute site. It is such an eloquent expression of love by Juno for her beloved Rainbow Boxer "Draco". Adopted from Boxer Rescue, his short happy life was ended by the fatal fungus "Pythiosis". I was so touched by this tribute to Draco, I wanted to let you know where to find the webpages. Happy times, sad times, sweet times, but what a story of love for a pet this is. Thank you Juno, for seeking the Dober'Toons Award and letting us know where to find your site.We present it with love, to your love for your "Draco".

Gravin Europe v. Nerlands Stam-RussiaThis special site features Dobermans from Russia. A beautiful website, with some lovely Russian Champions! Three language translator will translate the Russian language into French, English, or German. This is a wonderful site to see, and we are honored to be listed on the links page.

The Doberman Pinscher Club of Western New York~and Braveheart-Loyalheart Doberman Pinschers Webmistress Lucy Jakubowski maintains both of these doberman sites...The Braveheart motto "To own a Dobe is a priviledge to be owned by a Dobe an honor" says it all. "Braveheart" site is excellent for a prospective newbie Dobie owner who's looking for this type of info. Excellent Links page.

Doggie For Ever! This is such a cute site, they won our "21 Arfs Twitter and Velcro Award"! You arrive to a Looney Tunes song which sets the mood like a playful puppy as you enter. A charming young lady from Singapore,Kor Shu Juan, who adores doggies, entertains you with plentiful puppymations and carefully chosen music which (unlike most folks) she identifies.Her site is neat and tidy, and very a very pleasant place to visit. Go see, and be sure and say "Hi!"

"Your Purebred Puppy: A buyer's guide", by Michele Welton. Includes FAQ and profiles on over 200 breeds. Did you know Dobes rank 23rd in pupularity out of 148 AKC recognized breeds? Read on, for "advice You Can Trust"...Want information about Doberman Pinscher Puppies? Here is a place to start looking! Lotsa sources for you. Fabulous informative place.

"Gator Ring Sports Club"Interested in Shutzhundsport? Here's a terrific site "Dedicated to training dogs for Mondio, French Ring & PSA". They have all kinds of information in this sport: training, events, movie clips, pics, K-9 Education pages, schedule, members, and a whole batch of sites on their links page, including a "fun sites" section featuring "Dober'Toons!"

"Di Casa Shirak"This popular Doberman site is hosted by "Ulla" and her award winning Dobermans. (There is an English button to click for translation)Done in Flash format, it is a fine example of Flash use, very well done. There are all sorts of interesting and informative Dobe pages to visit, the Dobermans are beautiful.

"Dobermaenner Dobermans"This is a brand new beautiful German site designed by Sylvia & Hans-Werner Brodel in tribute to their Beautiful Dobermans Aron, Asio, and Arizona, and other pets. These warm Doberman folks wrote such wonderful comments in our guest book, we made a very special award for them. The site is both in German and English versions. It's a delight to visit, we are very impressed with the artistic presentation by Sylvia and Hans. A website like this is certainly one to be proud of, and we are pleased to be listed on it. Don't miss this site; It's always such a joy to visit sites like this one, where owners honor their Dobes so highly.

Dobertales: A collection of Doberman stories. Every Dobie has a story to be told, each and every one is special! Write about yours and submit it with a photo if you wish, to Nancy S., who started this brand new site in memory of her beloved Doberman, “Java”. Special features include: Rescue Tales, Doberkids, Dober-Departed and Misc.

Jaques De Smet of BelgiumThis is a very interesting site belonging to Belgium Dobe ownerJaques De Smet. If you've ever wondered about the Dobermans of Belgium, go visit this site of champions.(It's in English) The Dobes are beautiful, there is a nice link to the Belgium Doberman Club and you can read all about their dogs.Some parts are bi-lingual. Fascinating visit! We are proud to be on the links site!

The Pet Stain & Odor Removal site! Anything connected with housebreaking, from products, free expert help, products, etc. Terrific Pets Links section. This site is a must for every pet owner to bookmark!

"Paws 4 Rescue"Great monthly magazine dedicated to Animal Rescue. All sorts of news, links, a forum, articles, it's a well done glossy magazine, with stories about all animals rescued. You have to see it to believe it!

"Dobermann Pagina"This is a links only page~It is the biggest linkpage regarding Dobermann links in the Netherlands. If you're looking for Dobermann links, try this site, it's huge! And all Dobermanns! Your host and webmaster is Peter D. de Boer

Dobie WorldA warm personal website from Dobe lover "John", dedicated to his "Abby & CJ". We really loved the wonderful "Funny dog stuff" pages, and all the links he lists. A wonderful warm place to visit for Doberman lovers! 21 Arfs from Auntie for a site devoted to two lucky Dobermans!

Kerioak DobermannsFabulous site! If you're looking for Dobermann information, you'll find plenty of it here, from around the world. If you're looking for Dobermann links, try this site! Your hostess is Christine~ Also hosted by Kerioak Dobermanns & genealogy is The Dobermann Pedigree Search" A great resource for Dober-people...A pedigree site with nearly 300,000 Dobermanns on it!!

Artist Stacey Fox!Oh Wow!!!You have to visit this site to believe it. As an artist, I can only say this gal is awesome in her abilities, from birds to horses, dogs, and even tattoos.There's even some 'free' clipart too. Her rendering of Dobermans is just breathtaking, some of the best I've ever seen. Beautiful website too. 21 arfs to this talented lady and her outstanding work.

Danny's Memorial SiteThis site was created as a monument to the needless death of a beloved Lab named "Danny". The information was posted on the CyberDobe list by Patience Versoy Sassone of Wildfire Dobermans, whose vet won't even use this stuff...Yay! If you want to know about the adverse warnings regarding proheart6, the 6 month shot given for heartworm prevention, go to the site and click around.The dog you save might be your own. Auntie would never consider this shot,even if it were FREE. I was leery for even considering switching from the daily to the once a month Sentinal pill I give my Dobes. I'm never too busy to give my Dobies what they need, often the easy and cheapest way is NOT the best way.

Last Chance for Animals.LCA,The FBI of animal rights. We are not listed here, and I'm glad we aren't. But I want to list this site for those interested in justice for innocent animals subjected to vile cruelty. Want to help? Visit this site, but be prepared, it's grim stuff. But is cruelty.

Doberman PacificaThe Dobe Pac~ "Constructed by Dobermann enthusiasts FOR Doberman enthusiasts!" If you're looking for Dobermann information and links from around the world, you'll find plenty of it here. Pacific Sites has links to International clubs, Organiztions, Sites, Welfare organizations, Health, Training, and Bits and Peices (Where we is!)

Sit Stay . Com! Wowee! What a huge doggie delight site! Everything and we mean everything, pertaining to our best friends...Books, clothing, edibles, equipment, gifts, health, toys, funstuff (Where we is!) and anything else for our indulged companions! What a delightful place to browse & shop!

O You Lucky Dog! The Celebrity spokesdog of this cute and clever site is "Daisy", a shelter "mutt"!
bake y our own dog cookies kits, Dog gift baskets, lots of fantastic Christmas doggie stuff at very reasonable prices. Susan, your human hostess, is a very nice person, so contact her! 21 Arfs to this site!

Michael Steddum Michael is a fabulous Dog portrait artist. They are beautifully detailed, but much more beautiful than a mere photograph. His work with pencil renderings shows incredible dexterity. His Dobermans are incredible in their gaze as they look at you. I've often heard "The Look of Eagles", but he's the first artist I've ever seen capture the expression. His other dogs are fabulous too. I simply cannot describe the mastery of this artist...go see for yourselves. He's marvelous! And oh yes, I bought one of his Doberman prints, they are very affordable for those of us on a slim budget.

The Canine ClubhouseThis is a great website for answering canine questions. Based mostly on Chicago area information, but it has info on Dog friendly motels, hotels, resturantes, travel information and other terrific contacts regarding our bestest friends.A Photo gallery, Links page, Bulletin Board, A vist to this new site is a must see!

College of Veterinary MedicineThis Website is from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Knoxville,at the University of Tennessee, where the duplicate statue of "Kurt", the Doberman sculpture at Guam, is located. Look for us on the "War Dog Memorial" page. We are honored to be listed with them!

Dog ResourcesAn Amazing site, dedicated to all dog breeds. Some sites just feature AKC dog breeds but they strive to represent all rare dog breeds as well. With over 500 dog breeds available, they are more than a web directory as they include dog kennels with no websites in their directory, & they are truly a unique one stop dog breed resource for all the information you need for your favourite dog breeds. And listing your kennel, product or service under your dog breed or dog breeds (if you provide services to all dog breeds or raise more than one dog breed) is absolutely free! That is why this site is so complete! Free kennel, product and service listing! (and they also list one of my favorite trainers & personal friend, Brenda Aloff's books!)

My Site! This friendly site by Marie, is dedicated to a lovely Doberman (Mojo)and other Dobies who have shared her life. Auntie loves sites like this which features photos of a beloved Doberman, surrounded by pages of fun pictures of friends and family.Such a nice warm place to visit! Thanks for listing us, we are happy to be included in your thoughts.

A Great tribute site by Deb Stevenson for her dogs, includes a wonderful rescue Doberman, Muzzy. Auntie loved the site!

Dog Club - DOG CLUB! An Internet Dog Directory~ This is a fantastic site...all sorts of information about breeds and of course, the Doberman!

Obey the Pure Breed! Propaganda to support World-Domination by your favorite dog breed. T-shirts, poster art, gifts and more.....I loved the Dobermans for World Domination!! "Obey the Doberman!" Auntie loves the Artistic treatment of the Dobermans here;Great site, lots of information! ....Well worth visiting!


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