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Links to Webpages of Dober-Interest!

Any site who lists the “Dober’Toons” link who is not listed here, please let me know if you would like to be listed(Please,no albinos/white unless the albino/white is a rescued titleholder.) Also visit our Award pages, each Award is linked to it's home site!We sincerely thank each and every one of these sites for their support of "Dober'Toons!"

As of Sept. of 2013, we are listing new links as they are added on page one's beginning instead of the bottom of page two.
The Perfect Doberman Store!! another Grrrrrrrrrrreat Doberman site & you know how they love leather....Yeahhh baby! Wanna see some great Doberman body candy?Quality fine Leather for the most macho and for the one who gets sand kicked in his face at the beach....This store is so neat, and also the table of contents reads like a DoberSmorgasboard.....all kinds of good info but truly for the DobeInclined. The prices are beyond fair...very affordable for such quality! Auntie Luvvvvs! Presented by Trainer Jennifer Brown, who "specializes in dog training equipment for sport, schutzhund, police, military and enthusiasts." Go see! also her other sites,

The Official Web Site of the US Marine Raiders.Excellent site. Complete Links page, complete information about these Brave Marines. "War is a heavy subject; however, we apparently never tire of engaging in it. It may help to make it a bit more bouyant by linking your remarkable understanding of dogs and especially dobermans to our weighty offering" from webmaster Ervin Kaplan M.D.E and H. Companies,2nd. Marine Raider Bn.)

K-9 History, the Dogs of War!: Dober’Toons is honored and proud to be chosen and listed on this site. If ever there is a complete history of the Dogs of War, this is it. You can find information on every facet of these brave dogs. Rare photographs, including a photo of a policeman and his Dobermann circa l900. Site builder Tom Newton has done an incredible job with these history pages. He feels that Dober’Toons add a special touch to the Doberman tributes, "Sometimes history can be a bit overpowering, then we all need something to make us smile a little, give us some balance! And your site does that" he wrote.

Doberman Corner Founded July 11, 2000, The Doberman Corner has returned better than ever. A friendly place, membership is open. It's one of those boards where you needn't have a fire extinguisher, flames just don't happen there, so stop by. Intellegent Doberman topics, led by Carol Minkus, the gal who set up and repairs DoberToon's website! for which Auntie is forever grateful! Warm and fuzzy, but what's not to like about that?

Doberman Pincher Discussion Forum: Another great place to talk about Dobermans by the "Been there, done that" Doberman folks. It is no longer private & anyone who is sincerely interested in Dobies, and obtaining and sharing information is welcome. From floppies to cropped, pedigreed champions to rescues, the full gamut of Doberman ownership discussed by all. This is where Dober'Toons! was first introduced several years ago.

Dobots: The front page greets you with an impressive photo tribute to Webmaster Russell T. Cusimano’s beautiful Dobies. Click on the Doberman links and view a huge selection of Doberman links.

Wolfepack: A fantastic site dedicated to Dobermans. All you want to know about almost any brand and type of dog food comparisons, breed information, recipes, nutrition, absolutely wonderful animations fashioned by your happy Wolfemaster, Earl himself.

Doberman Information Links: Links to anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Dobies. Every kind of link you could possibly want, Weblady Carol has painstakingly compiled into this total and continually growing collection of Dobie~data. Truly a Dobiecyclopaedia!!

The Dobermanns Home Page: From the UK, this site is dedicated to Keven’s Dobie, “Finance” aka Mr. Monster. (Click on the Title’s "Dobermanns" to reach the page dedicated to his Dobie) The main theme of the site is technical data for the computer buff. All sorts of computer links and data, tips and info.

Rachel’s Doberman Pages: From Norway, a delightful site in honor of “Alice”, the dobie with a human brain! Visit Alice’s picture gallery, really incredible stories about Alice’s abilities, a nice breed history on Dobies, health problems, and pictures of very different Dobie figurines! Her "Dogshop" is really great, and she has some very unusual Doberman links. Alice's experience with Wobbler's is something to read. A 21 Arf salute site from Dober'Toons!

Ma Rich Dobermans...Marge & Richard,have 27 years of Doberman experience in Dobe raising, training, exhibiting and rescue work that goes into these pages. There is a photo album of their Dobies, A Rescue page,an hysterical 'Dog-o-gram' and links, links, links! Very nice site!

Shalako Dobermans: Oh! What a warm friendly place to visit! Hostess Carol treats you to visits with each of her three lovely Dobies; Cody, Ashley and Misti, and the rest of her menagerie. (My favorite is the touching page for Misti, Carol's beloved rescued Blue Dobie who went to the Rainbow bridge October 2nd,2001.) Her sites are always so well done and complete, this one has perfect music, the animations are delightful, especially the rotating carousel of photos of her fur gang. Breeding, Showing, Rescue, for over 25 years, she’s done it all! Wonderful place, another 21 Arf salute site!

Moet’s Links Page: If you are interested in dilutes, you’ll want to spend some time here. Dedicated to a lovely Isabella Dobie, Ms. Moet,this site features beautiful pics of Moet. You can spend delicious time savoring the "cookie receipes", dallying among the Dobies and looking at photos of beautiful Dobermans. Your hostess Louise, is also heavily involved in rescue. She makes adorable Dobermans from antique quilts and donates the $$ from the sales to Doberman Rescue.

Calypso’s Page: A very moving tribute to her “fur babies”, living and Rainbow dwelling, Ronna’s dedication to her Dobie “Callie” is just the way we all feel. Special touches like her memorial page featuring Rainbow Dobies reclining on clouds, her love to the Dobie’s she’s shared her life with make this site exceptional. All kinds of interesting links add the flavor to this touching tribute to her Dobies.

Pet Love Shack!: What a wild and wonderful site! Your host is a Blue Rescue Doberman, "Petie" who weighed 17 lbs at 17 months of age when rescued from being tied to an old car for a "home". With some help from his human friends, "Peitie" has the dog-gonedest site you’ve ever seen! He answers e-mail, talks to you via recording, has lots of pics up, plus a Potpourri riot of animated cartoons, autographs, adopt-a-pet links, cooking, coloring pages, life of a working dog, on and on! Plan to spend some time, this is no place to visit in a hurry, lots of information & fun. (We are found on the Flash Animation page)

Linker: Doberman Pinscher clubs from around the world! If you’ve ever wondered about them, here they are! Europe, France, Canada, Holland, Denmark, Scandinavia, Germany, Hungaria, Spain, etc.~~And Dober’Toons!!

Doberman Pinscher Rescue of Sacramento, CA: This is such an impressive site. Very well put together, complete and professionally presented, good photos of the Dobies and full spectrum of Rescue and other information. We were pleased to note that Annie’s origin as a rescue was listed.

Working Dog Web Site: A dog lover’s paradise! 1,000 plus links include: activities with your dog, breeds, clubs, health & nutrition, kids & dogs, news & email lists, puppy info, training, huge websearch page, books, cartoons, free dog stuff & “Chazhound” the Doberman. “Dober’Toons” has been honored by this site as a Cool Dog Site which makes us arfully proud! Plan to spend some time here, this vast site will fascinate you for hours!

Meet “Chazhound” one of the cutest Doberman Cartoon Characters (by cartoonist Dale Taylor) we’ve seen since “Dobie Doodles”. This Dobie not only has cute Dobie characatures, he is a dogmaster of his website, and email. All kinds of free stuff and topics, a Doggie Directory (which also lists our Dober’Toons) dog care, contests, picture gallery, dog sites, dog talk, dog store, connections for lost pets in Northern Florida. Found on the Working Dog Website. We are also on the Featured Dog Sites page!

Jade the Doberman's Fun Pages Over 160 sites, with links to many Doberman web sites both in the UK and World Wide. Mostly Doberman sites. All kinds of fun and informative Doberman stuff, pictures,humor, hosted by "Jade the Doberman" ('Chairdog' of the Dog Fun Corporation, complete with a Board of "Doberectors").

Louise's Doberman Information CenterListed in the book, "Dogs on the Web", Loujoh's Dobermann site opens with a magnificent memorial picture of her late Doberman "Jamie" on a deep red background with the American Flag flying and the Natinal Anthem playing. Click "Enter" and you find abundant Dobie info. Links, health, "Sheena's Discussion Board" a popular place, & there is a touching memorial page to "Jamie". The incredibly beautiful picture about in the middle of "Jamie's" page is a must see for any Doberman art lover. It is almost like "Jamie's" essence has been captured forever. Your hostess, Louise, is a total Dobie person, and a very proud Wisconsinite!

Euro DobermannWow what a site! Dedicated to the European Dobermann today, in two languages, Dutch and English! This site has a links list from around the Dobermann world that will astound you. Even a few American sites, including..."Dober'Toons!"

DoberWorldTruely an example of an awesome Doberman Site. Home of the DoberWorld e-mail discussion list, and the Official Doberman FAQ....Here you will find: Doberman FAQ, E-mail list, War Dogs, Vendors, DPCA Nationals, and a full range of a multitude of Doberman Links including...a "Must visit site!"~"Dober'Toons!"

Nagler's DobermansWhat an incredible place this is ~ for the dilute fancier this is an absolute "must see". Owner and exhibitor of all four colors, the site is put together so well. The photos float as you scroll among the champions, dilutes so lovely with seemingly impossible coats, a menue of pages that lists Dobies dobies and more dobies, a min pin page, and a cunning "Send a Doberman Post card page" where you compose a dobie note for a friend, breathtaking photos of dilutes with visual effects and more. Notice the "Community Leader Help Page", click on the bouncing doggies and see where your hostess, Barbi, who is a computer expert of note, offers computer help sources. Absolutely fabulous.

Dobermann Di MatarioHolder of the gold medal for excellent results in breeding Dobermanns from the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture of Nordrhein Westfalen/Germany, This tri-lingual site (includes English) portrays fine European Dobermanns. If you've ever had curiosity about German Champions, visit this site. You'll see a link list of major sites in Europe, Dobermann clubs around the world, including information on the Dobermann, links of all sorts, a photo gallery, history, news about the Di Materio Dobermanns, including an incredible list of champions and titles. Beautiful Dobermanns, in a beautiful web site. Wow! Another site we are so proud to be listed in.

Truman the Doberdude!IF you've never met Truman, you've missed the fashion plate of the Doberman world! This very funny site is dedicated to the hundreds of Doberman rescue volunteers who help Dobes in need. The star is a rescue blue Dobie named Truman, who's owner has employed wit, imagination, and computer skills. The results are just so darn funny I can't begin to describe them! Come and enjoy a very unusual website, dedicated to a very unusual Doberman Pinscher!

The Dobermann Review Jelena & Ivana present a Review of International Dobermans~ This is a very impressive site for folks interested in the International Dobermann. The site has features, news & reports of European shows, a list of International Kennels including one section of Yugoslav Dobermann kennels, and a nice selection of WW Dobermann sites including a link to showdogs in the UK. On the menu bar at the top, you can click on ads, pic of the day, search, chat, forum and guest book. We are proud to be listed on such a notable site.

The Belgian Dobermann ClubIf you've ever wondered about Dobies abroad, here's a chance to visit a nice website. Clubs, Links, activities,magazine breeders, in an easy to navigate package. Another 21 arf site around the world!

USA Dobmermann~Very interesting site dedicated to the breeders and enthusiasts of the working ability of the Dobermann Pinscher. Full information on this subject, including an online discussion forum. Large selection of Doberman Links!

Dog Training! ~Get your dog to listen to you, anywhere you go. Professional dog trainer reveals dog training information on how to get maximum results in minimal time. (Memo from Auntie DRM: Very complete, savvy information and affordable site. Matter of fact,dear readers, Auntie was so impressed she joined...This one and Cesar's are her only instruction references)


Dog, Dogs, a Canine Wonderland! - If you love dogs, visit now for tons of free dog stuff!

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