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Veteran's Day, November 11, 2005

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( The Dober'Toons gang: Markus The Magnificent Marine, Oliver Twist, Little Arfin' Annie, Dobie, Izzy, and Dizzy! And Greenie O'Dober)

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249.Annie...the Lapdog

248. The "B" word A series of 8 toons on...Just another "doggy term"??

247.New use For Dob's new Snow-Blower

246. Dober-Dude Biker!~~OverHauled & Tinkered with!

245. "Bedtime Story!

244.Greenie O'Dober

243.An Irish Jigon 16 Dober-toes!

242."But Mom!!! THEY are taking our STUFF!"

241.Markus the Magnificent...Leads the DoberToons gang in Burglar Ambush~

240.Puppy Love...Valentine's Day At the Jolly K-9 Training Center~

239.Doberlickin' Good!Second helping??? Why of course!

238.New Year's Eve!A Musical Request from Heinz to the "Band"!

237.Annie in a cultural moment

236.Ode and Dance to the Fairies of Fall!

235.Always Faithful (Semper Fidelis Starpuppy and Arco visit the statue "Always Faithful"
(These are actual photographs of these Dobermans, not constructed.)

234.A Boy and His Dog. I've always liked Albert's work. He was a WWII Veteran who drew very sentimental funnies.

233.Finally! Back from the National!

232.We're off to Ft.Mitchell KY!

231.Acid In-di-ges-tion***** soon to be followed by brisk arobic jogging~

230.The Dober-Boys of Summer

229.Movie Re-run... Answering the age old question, "Do Dobes Dream?!"

228.A pair of parasites! A hair raising adventure of Fleabiskit and Proboski!

227.Her Name is LOLA! She is a showgirl, & she's a Service Doberman!

226.Mommy's Little Helper!

225.Pete The Plumber's Midday Adventure

224.The Clicker

223.Questing pawsThe Crater Critter

222. The Brainy Idea

221. Ah Ha! Busted! Ye olde Ice Cream Caper!

220. Yo!#!!** One of our all time favorite love tunes for Dober-Dad's Day!

219. Water Nymph!~Annie loves the water!~

218. Oh Baby!~Man's Best Friend!~

217. Mud Skippers!~A rite of Spring~

216. Dober-Mom's Day Gift?!~Well, sort of!

215. Morning Thunder!~The Gods of Spring are Bowling!

214. Saga of...The new Bath Towel ~ (Always blame the cat)

213. Cocoa Jelly Beans? ~ A Dobe confection....

212. Washee washee ~ An hygienic Moment!

211. Priorities ~ Run to the Vet, Annie just sneezed!

210. Happy St.Patrick's Day!" ~ Greenie O'Dober waves his magic Shillelagh & Dizzy is....transformed...Oops!

209. Wha' Happened? ~ A bit of Genetic manipulation produces some interesting varieties of dog-dom...

208. By Leaps and Bounds ~ Little Arfin' Annie's Agility Ardor!

207. First Novice A - Are we having fun yet?

206. K9Stein ~ Little Arfin' Annie...

205. Dobertinetine Footprints ~ On our heart and in our memory..

204. Do Not Disturb! ~ The Queen is napping...

203. Breakfast! ~ Fit for a Queen....well???

202. What!? Sell Dizzy? ~ Fortune's Fabulous Electrum Desi as a Guard Dog?

201. The Dobermans ask,,,, ~ Did the "Balloon Lady" survive and find true love at last???

200. The Balloon lady!!? ~ Our 200th Dober'Toon! what a way to begin the New Year!~First the story.....
Then the cartoon. Warning,,,it's hilarious! I laughed so hard
I could hardly draw and paint it.
It is my all time favorite cartoon.

200a. Up up and away!


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