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Auntie and Cesar Millan,A moment in time I'll never forget.
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Some cartoons will be smaller and appear unfocused. Drag mouse to lower right hand corner and click on the icon which will appear, to enlarge to full size.By pupular request, I've put some on their own little webpage & they will be 100%, no clicking necessary!

361~~~ StarPuppy's last salute...a tribute to this incredible much missed wonder=dog. RIP

360~~K-9 Department downsizez...to K-7?

359~~Annie's hidden treasures...No longer...hidden

358~~Markus...PostTraumatic Stress Disorder Service Dog....Semper Fi Forever

357~~Ahem...Be specific. So sez Little Arfin' Annie....

356~~.Sigh...It's always sumpin'

355~~Rub-A-Dub-dub, two nuts in a tub!

354~~Doberspeak 'splainin'.

353~~The fleas fleeing!and it's a good feeling! (For the Dobes...yawn))

352~~Annie's all that and she knows it!

351~~ Welcome Home!A present awaits thee!

350~~Undercover K-7 on Duty!Git 'em girl!

349~~Earring aid....

348~~Oops or Senior moment...'tis all the same cat's ass-trophy (sighhhh)

347~~Heh heh....Yummy!

346~~our 2013 yulemas card!

345~~Our LeprechaunDobie,is back on St.Pat's of 2013!

344~~..StarPuppy's revenge..Poor Santa, he knew not what hit him...:)

343~~..Elder Abuse??? Hah!Not in DoberToon Village!

342~~Merry Christmas from Dober'Toons!

341~~...Hot dog!Fun food at the county fair :)

340~~Salute to Veteran's Day 2010! thanks to them we still speak English!

339~~HiDeHo!Yep, Greenie O'Dober's annual words of wisdom

338~~Season's Greetin'sFrom Auntie and the Dober'Toons!

337~~Twenty One!~Pomapoo, CrestaPit, or Doberdarling, your Grannie still loves you best of all!

336~~To Our Veterans When you meet or see them, thank them for what they have done for us.

335~~~Cells gone wild!~Mamary glands cancer awareness month may be over, but the fight ain't! Save the Ta Tas! Untie!

334~~~Wiv Wong 'n Perspire~The Stair Truck Craze continues...Spock wessurwrecks!

333~~~Whistler's DogMa~A true classic!

332~~~Chew Toys...~They always chaw the best uhuh!

331~~~Mothers!~They answer all questions!

330~~Dobies had a little LambAn example of Anger Management...well sort of...

329~~Slight of Dobe~or, The Hamburgers Caper~

328~~One Hundredth Milestone! and DoberToons begins our 11th year of Toons, 9 on the Internet!

327~~Merry Woof Woof! Ever Mistletoe with your Dobie?

326~DoberToons!Annual salute to Veteran's Day. The Spirit within Kurt's statue

325~Doberman necessities:a maid,chauffeur,Valet,Chef,Groomer, personal trainer, and yes-Human.

324~~~~Spandex:Sort of like Plasticwrap covering a waddle of jello?

323~~~Ballerindobe of note"Twinkie" of the Teal Tutu.

322~~~Dizzy in the closetto show Piranha his toys!

321~~~Who's your Daddy?Happy Sire's Day, 2008!

320~Pounds gone wild!They have claws, too!

319~Dinner TalkMother & pup share a tender moment....

318~April First!A day known for mirths & heh hehs....

317~Greenie O'Dober reveals his secret....whence he learned the Irish Jig!

316~Do Dobes learn from each other??? Why Shore, & here's an example!

315~Dog Park Divas

314~A Christmas Card From Piranha

313~Christmas Eve...Bunny slippers for Dot

312~and I heard him exclaim as he rode out of sight...Thank hevvins that's over!

311~HappyHallowmerrie ThanksChristmasBoo!Hogobble Boo!Hogobble Boo!Hogobble

310~Veteran's Day TributeSemper Fi ( A Marine and his Doberman)

309~Veteran's Day TributeWhen you wish upon a star

308~GRRRRrrrr!Hollywood style.(Photo)

307~Uncle SnerdlyHow about a Dobie hug sweetie?

306~The Dog Hollerer~Hark? Your wish is not necessarily their command....

305~Zero.For the dogs.

304~Hup Hup Hup! A morning "waddle/jiggle/walkies" in the park!

303~Fleabiskit exhibits his swimming,"Swimmingly"

302~In Memory of Arco...A magnificent Dobermann

301~"Snifff" Dot comforts a friend but Annie has some advice too!

300 !!!!..Look out Laydee, You may trip on your own self-importance~~

299 Food for Thought...Does your Dog's Food taste peculiar these days???? Nahhhh that would never happen~

298 Taxing moment$ Uncle Want$~

297 Ooops....Where The Bunny Meets The Road....

296 Presenting~~~~The Gentle Blue Coonhound...

295 Greenie O' Dober!The Little Naughty Gnomer-Dobe fess's to Annie~~

294 Mooning... Dober'Toons Style!

293 A rawhide heart For Dober'Tine's Day!

292 Lesson LearnedFrom Mom, the bestest teacher!

291 Buried Treasure under the snow!

290 Dobe Resolution for the New Year!~Take us with you, and fear no critter.

289 Funny! Feline Cleansing & toidy too!

288 ~Hark! "Tis the Season
for two legged Scrooges who will steal Christmas stuff."

287 ..Veterans Day 2006 ...Our Salute to the four legged and the two legged!

286 Halloween 2006~A repeat cartoon in memory of Steve Irwin.

285 Today's Episode of Dot's favorite "Soap Opera"

285A The next Day Another dose of Dot's favorite Soap Opera....

284 Designer Dobermans! WARNING...These are sketches from Auntie's sketchbook.
They are graphic and disgusting, so don't view them on an empty stomach.

283 Chicken? the taste test...

282 And Who are You?Dizzy Dizzy bo bizee fanna fana fo fizee....Dizzeeee~~~"

281 Galump galump galump!...Tag you're it!

280 The Teddy Bear Scoop!Read the real story as told to Little Arfin' Annie! The Plott thickens....

<280a The actual true account of this stuffie massacre....

279 A "P" in.... (P as in protest)

278 ALWAYS blame the cat!....Cartoon photo by Guest Diane Stehno~

277 Let it all hang out!....It's The Jiggle Show!

276 FORE! No whiffing wanted here...

275 Doggles and Goggles Keep Smilin'!

274 PSSSSSSSssssstttt! It's super Packman, Cesar Millan!

273 Easter 2006 The Mutant Parade

272 Greenie O'Dober It's easy being green when you're Hibernian!

271 Hey Dude, it's 3:00 A.M.!From the Doberman "Gotcha'" collection~

270 Puppies is puppies...From Dizzy's Scrapbook of puppyhood~

269 Leddle Arpin' Ahneee! The Doberman...a wondering work of art in progress?
By Arteest Pierre Dolly! (a six cartoon set)

268 Markus The Magnificent on Parade!~And the Dober'Toons Gals all wonder...Are they Neuticals, or Naturals?

267 Little Arfin' Annie's Christmas Present!

266 Ahhhh Chewwww! Is anything safe anymore?

265 Have a Yappy!Join the voices in blissful celebration, as we enter another year of 'tooning!

264 Photos with Santa The Mall will never be the same!

263 'Twas the seasonfor the Hill Williams to decorate their "Yard Art" Mingos~~~

262 Thanksgiving....without Turkey????

261(a) PCMarieThe true story of A Veteran's Doberman's loyalty.

261(b) Our WarDog cartoon presentation!

260 The D'Armans! Off to a Howl-o-weenie pahty!

259 Eight Cartoons, all in a sequence ~Illustrating Doberman Logic, in the fascinating challenge of the dumbbell~ "Why?"

258 More adventures of 'Skeeters Zeeeee and Zippy

257 Something fishy~~ Scratch and snifffff~~~~

256. Make Annie's Day! "Gotcha!"

255 His/Her Master's voice...."JUMP!"

254 Oh so Tender is thy kiss! Heh heh heh!

253 Interspecies Romance?Nope, strictly Pluto-tonic!

252 Those Dobes Have to GO or else! (Oh yeah????)

251 It was a dark summer night The Lightening Bugs were drivin' the Dobes nutz~

250 The Drive-In Yummy yummy yummy we got gas in our tummy~


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