Music: A Doberman Hymn

The Dobermans were gazing up at the sky,
on a December night so cold~ and they saw a Star, which seemed to say
Listen! And behold!
Those Beams spoke Peace, and Love (so rare)
But that was the promise in that glow up there~
So they all sent a prayer back to that Star, with a wish for all man&dogkind,
for a life of love and plenty
and sorrows left behind.
We are all blessed. However, it's so sad that few realize it. Hug your friends, kiss your dogs, and share the cheapest gift there is...a smile. Yawns are contagious, so are smiles!


This un-retouched photo proves it. Dobermans think. (StarPuppy later gleefully destroyed her trophy....)


To all of you folks who "Toon in",
We wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year~

It's the night before Christmas, all the Dobes are awake,
Making sure that it's Santa who opens the gate...

Hark! It is St. Nick, by the light of the moon,
Shhhhh! Don't bark, you Dobes from the 'Toons!

In love of Dobermans, Auntie Dobe R. Mann

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