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Tricks for Treats!


This is our Halloween cartoon from
last year. Auntie decided to repeat
this cartoon in memory of Steve Irwin
after receiving an email from Cathy Sabin, B.C.Dog Training.
She sent on a variation of the Rainbow Bridge
Where Steve is approaching the bridge, with
animals of all species joining him. I couldn't help but
remember seeing Dobermans in Irwin photos....I had such fun
watching his programs, and I cried with the world
when he died.

In this cartoon, Dot and Dob Armann have been invited
to a costume party at Penelope Pfuzzypinfeather's home
and they are costumed as Steve and Terri.
This was a favorite of mine, and I decided to use it for this year's 'toon.

So long Steve. We'll miss you.

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