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From The Dog's Point Of View...

Yes I know, there are over 400 breeds and varieties! Send me your favorite, & I just might do a future page!
Send to: "Dober'toons bitch sheet"
Also, if'n youse has had an idea or oxperience fer a 'toon done by yer beloved Doberman, send yer idea to Auntie, and If I use the idea I'll send a color copy of the 'toon, autygraphed with my gen-u-ine signature.
email Auntie at:, and be sure to put the subject correct or the email will be unceremoniously dumped into the "go to Jail, do not pass Go", bin. AND by all means, keep 'tooned, and don't ferget to vote for we'uns on the Top Dobe Sites Website!
Many many many Dobie kisses of grattitude to those of youse which have put us in the #2 spot, the view is great!
Most important, Keep 'tooned!! For there is nothing in the world like that Doberman smile!
Drawn with love for the Doberkind, Auntie Dobe R. Mann

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